Documentary imagery is a powerful way to tell your business’s story

Curiosity resolves conflicts; it builds and strengthens relationships. Curiosity creates beautiful things; it innovates. It builds culture. It averts misunderstandings before they’re too far down the path. It’s a wonder power.
— Anese Cavanaugh

If you’re a business owner, have you thought about how your marketing plan can build a stronger connection to your clients?

Have you considered how you can tell your story with documentary photography, draws the veil back, and feeds the curiosity of your potential customer? How can you bridge that curiosity gap and create a connection that will make them regular returning customers?


Why are people curious? I think it’s because all of us are searching for one thing. Connection. We all want to know that on some level, the people we are following, and the businesses we are giving our patronage to, are the same as us. Or to what we aspire to be. Connection is at the heart of our need to know the seemingly mundane details. Think about it. When we connect with a business, when they give us the best experience, the best product, the best outcome, we become repeat customers. That coffee shop becomes “our” coffee shop. That hairdresser is in our speed dial. That auto shop becomes the trusted authority on our car.

Consider the popularity of Instagram® and Snapchat® stories where the people and businesses we follow give us glimpses into their every day lives. This give us an opportunity to understand how we can better connect with potential customers, by understanding their natural curiosity to know the “behind the scenes” of our business.


It comes down to being authentic, and inviting them in. Documentary imagery is a powerful way to tell your business’s story. I can help you tell your story in a way that is compelling and real. Your client will see themselves more easily in what you are offering and they will want to take part in your story…. By supporting you with their dollars and by becoming loyal brand ambassadors.

Talk to me today about how a documentary business session can be part of your marketing plan for 2018.


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